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DISAM Journal Article Index

Welcome to the DISAM Journal Index – a collection of articles from the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management Journal that was published in a variety of forms between 1978 and 2016. This archive is maintained and accessible due to its potential value in support of continuing research efforts in the realm of Security Cooperation. With articles listed by both Author and Topic, we hope that users find this to be a valuable repository of legacy information regarding areas of Security Cooperation (and Security Assistance) related programs and subjects.

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Aboagye, Patrick (Kofi)
"International Maritime Officers School: Future Coalitions Fostered Today," (Winter 2001-02) 24:2, p.11-14.
Abrams, Elliott
"United States Human Rights Policy," (Summer 1982) 4:4, p.86-89.
"U.S. Interests and Resource Needs in Latin American and the Caribbean," (Summer 1987) 9:4, p.32-40. 
Abrams Tank
Begasse, Thomas O. and David E. Sparrow. (Summer 1994) " The M1A1 Abrams Tank in Egypt," 16:4, p.10-13.
Clarke, Richard A. (Winter 1989-90) "U.S. Sale of Abrams Tanks to Saudi Arabia," 12:2, p.50-54.
Barry, Charles B. (Spring 1995) "The Federal Acquisition Reform Act of 1994," 17:3, p.124-130.
Betti, John A. (Winter 1989-90) "Defense Acquisition and Alliance Strategy," 12:2, p.59-63.
Currie, Karen W. (Spring 2000) "Continuous Learning Points for Defense Acquisition Workforce," 22:3, p.129-130.
Fargher, John S. W., Jr. and Robert F. Golden. (Spring 1981) "Acquisition Strategy for Multinational Programs," 3:3, p.49-71.
Harrington, Edward M. (Spring 2003) "The Defense Contract Management Agency Providing the Warfighters With Contract Management and Acquisition Life-Cycle Solutions. 25:3, p.1-4.
Hawkins, Patrick K. and Christine L. Hazlett. (Winter 2003-04) "Parts Repair Ordering System," 26:2, p.85-91.
Kaminski, Paul G. (Summer 1997) "Fielding Equipment Second to None," 19:4, p.58-85.
Kaminski, Paul G. (Summer 1996) "FY 1997 DoD Acquisition and Technology Program," 18:4, p.80-98.
Keithly, Thomas M. (Summer 2000) "Team USA - an Integrated Approach to International Aspects of Navy Acquisition to Minimize Cost and Maximize Interoperability," 22:4, p.66-72.
Krikorian, George K. (Fall 1992) "DoD's 'Cost Premium' 30 to 50 Percent," 15:1, p.75-77.
Kwatnoski, Richard. (Spring 1990) "DSMC Launches New Workshop in International Acquisition Management," 12:3, p.122-123.
Kwatnoski, Richard. (Winter 1995-96) "International Defense Education Arrangement Conducts Successful Seminar on Armaments Cooperation," 18:2, p.90-91.
Kwatnoski, Richard. (Winter 1992-93) "Negotiation of International Cooperative Defense Acquisition Agreements: a Case Study," 15:2, p.74-78.
Kwatnoski, Richard. (Summer 1997) "Secretary Cohen Sets Course for International Acquisition Bridge to the 21st Century," 19:4, p.86-87.
Manohara, Chinniah. (Fall 2000) "Defense Procurement in Singapore," 23:1, p.86-94.
"One on One with Jacques Gansler, U.S. Undersecretary for Acquisition and Technology," (Spring 1999) 21:3, p.53-56.
Watters, Gil. (Fall 2000) "Affordable Acquisition," 23:1, p.80-85.
Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL)
Manning, Lari. (Summer 2000) "Advanced Distributed Learning," 22:4, p.40-45.
"Assessment of Arms, Ammunitions, and Explosives Accountability and Control, Security Assistance, and Sustainment for the Afghan National Security Forces," (March 2009) 31:1, 50-52.
Caudill, Virginia.  (Fall 2003) "Defense Security Cooperation Agency is a Key Player in Providing Wheelchairs to Afghanistan," 26:1, p.115-117.
Cobane, Craig T. (Summer 2005) "Provincial Reconstruction Teams and Security Assistance: Comments on a Evolving Concept," (27:4, p.91-97.
Herbert, Adam J. (Winter 2003) "Supply Chain Visibility: United States Air Force Adapts To War In Afghanistan And Learns Logistics Lessons," 25:1 & 2, p.73-76.
Hoyle, Tim. (April 2007) "Defense Logistics Information Service Trainers Help Rebuild a Nation," 29:2, p.134-135.
Negroponte, John D. (June 2008) "Emergency Supplemental Request for Iraq and Afghanistan," 30:2, p.95-97.
Volker, Kurt. (June 2008) "Afghanistan and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Why They Both Matter," 30:2, p.98-101.
Williamson, Joel E., Jennifer D. P. Moroney. (Spring 2002) "Security Cooperation Pays Off: A Lesson from the Afghan War," 24:3, p.79-82.
Bernstein, Joanne B. (Fall 1994) "Military Assistance in Sub-Saharan Africa," 17:1, p.90-103.
Bellamy, Mark. (Winter 2003) "Weak States In Africa: U.S. Policy Options in the Democratic Republic of the Congo," 25:1 & 2, p.61-64.
Carter, Phillip, III. (March 2009) Address to the First Annual International Conference on Africa: Africa Initiative Project, 31:1, p.18-21.
Crocker, Chester A. (Summer 1986) "FY 1987 Security Assistance Request for Sub-Saharan Africa," 8:4, p.39-51.
Frazer, Jendayi. (September 2008) "Evaluating U.S. Policy Objectives and Options on the Horn of Africa," 30:3, p. 62-67.
Hess, Robert. (Summer 1988) "Military Civic Action in Sub-Saharan Africa," 10:4, p.85-91.
Hess, Robert and Edward Henderson. (Spring 1989) "Sub-Saharan Africa Needs Dual-Purpose Forces," 11:3, p.95-99.
Kansteiner, Walter H., III. (Winter 2003) "The Administration's Commitment to Sudan," 25:1 & 2, p.58-60.
Moose, George E. (Summer 1995) "Africa Programs in the FY 1996 Budget: Protecting Long-Term U.S. Interests," 17:4, p.71-76.
Negroponte, John D. (December 2008) "Remarks at the Foreign Affairs Brain Trust on Africa," 30:4, p.13-16.
Powell, Colin. (Summer 2001) "Remarks at the University of Witwatersrand," 23:4, p.89-96.
Powell, Colin. (Winter 2004-2005) "Strategic and International Studies," 27:2, p.29-35.
Rice, Susan E. (Winter 1999-2000) "U.S. and Africa in the 21st Century," 22:2, p.63-68.
Smith, Craig L. (Fall 1984) "Somalia -- Horn of Africa," 7:1, p.1-3.
Snyder, Charles R. "Sudan: Peace Agreement Around the Corner?" (Spring 2004) 26:3, p.100-103.
"Sub-Saharan Africa and the United States -- Part II," (Spring 1992) 14:3, p.59-66.
"Sub-Saharan Africa and U.S. Policy," (Winter 1991-92) 14:2, p.40-42.
Swan, James. (September 2008) "China-Africa Relations and the Global Village: Diplomatic Perspective," 30:3, p. 68-70.
Swigert, James W. (Winter 2004-2005) "Challenges of Peacekeeping in Africa," 27:2, p.37-39.
Thorne, Robert W. (Fall 19888) "African Coastal Security," 11:1, p.92-101.
Toomey, James. (December 2008) "Do I Hold the General's Hand or Just Drink his Palm Wine?  Cultural Advice for Africa," 30:4, p. 9-12.
Africa Center for Strategic Studies
"The Africa Center for Strategic Studies," (February 2007) 29:1, p.19-22.
"The Department of Defense Regional Centers for Security Assistance Studies," (February 2007) 29:1, p.1-4.
Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA)
"Africa Contingency Operations Training and Assistance (ACOTA)," (December 2008) 30:4, p.5-6.
Ahearn, David L., Jr.
"Having Trouble Understand the Index?" (Fall 1992) 15:1, p.78-80.
Ahles, Mark T.
... and Craig M. Brandt. (Winter 2003) "Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management Mobile Education Team Travels to Kazakhstan," 25:1 & 2, p.19-21.
…and Charles K. Pickar. (Fall 1997) "ODC Information Management," 20:1, p.70-88.
"Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management Training Initiatives for International Customers," (Winter 2003) 25:1 & 2, p.130-134.
"SAO Advanced Training Automation Workshop (SAM-TA)," (Summer 2000) 22:4, 128-129.
"Unified Command Management of SAO Computer Systems: the EUCOM Solution," (Summer 2000) 22:4, p.125-127.
Ahmann, James H.
[Provides Addition Details Regarding Proposed Security Assistance Programs for FY 1983] (Summer 1982) 4:4, p.72-76.
Aircrew Escape Propulsion Systems (AEPS)
Bassett, Bob. (Fall 1995) "The United States Navy's CAD/PAD Management Guide for FMS Customers," 18:1, p.80-82.
Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
Kellner, Philip A. (Winter 1983-84) "International Logistics: It's Not Just an Adventure at AFIT," 6:2, p.59-61.
Santos, Jorge Luiz Alves de Barros. (Winter 1999) "International Cooperation in Logistics Education: Brazil's Instituto de Logistica da Aeronautica and the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology," 21:2, p.68-71.
Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC)
"International Logistics Center Air Force Logistics Command," (Summer 1986) 8:4, p.1-4.
Pugh, Donald R. (Summer 1986) "International Logistics Center FMS Support Initiatives: 'Doing Things Differently with Less,'" 8:4, p.5-9.
Smith, Forrest E. and William Lubera. (Summer 1987) "Air Force Depot Logistics Training (All You Wanted to Know about AFLC FMS Training Programs but Were Afraid to Ask)," 9:4, p.96-108.
Air Force Material Command (AFMC)
Lazdinia, Sarunas S. and William F. Havelka. (Spring 1994) "Air Force Material Command: In Support of International Activities," 16:3, p.78-92.
Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC)
Pugh, Donald R. (Fall 1992) "The Air Force Security Assistance Center," 15:1, p.1-13.
Reynolds, Roger and Larry Shaw. (Winter 1996-97) "’Reengineering’ the Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC)," 19:2, p.108-118.
Riemer, Jeffrey.  (Summer 2004) "Air Force Security Assistance Center," 26:4, p.1-25.
Sandoval, Robert D. (Fall 2003) "Air Force Security Assistance Center Celebrates its Twenty-First Anniversary," 26:1, p.108-114.
Smith, Forrest "Ed." (Summer 2002) "Air Force Security Assistance Center Brings the New Commander On-Line: LOA-Peace Riemer," 24:4, p.159-161.
Walton, Len, Tiyette McDaniel and Schneata Shyne-Turner. (Spring 2004)"Air Force Security Assistance Center Foreign Military Sales Center Institutionalizes How it 'Develops and Executes International Agreements' by Linking Strategic Initiatives to the Balanced Scorecard Process," 26:3, p.113-120.
Air Force Security Assistance Training (AFSAT)
Sawyer, Roy R., II. (Spring 1993) "The Air Force Security Assistance Training Squadron, " 15:3, p.1-10.
Steffan, Rob. (April 2007) "Color of Training Money," 29:2, p.136-137.
Air Force Security Cooperation Knowledgebase (AFSCK)
Schier, Neal A.and David W. Hills. (Fall 2005) “Air Force Security Cooperation Knowledgebase,” 28:1, p.15-16.
Schier, Neal A. (March 2008) "Air Force Security Cooperation Knowledgebase: a Critical Enabler Moves into the Future," 30:1, p.99-101.
Akins, Christopher F.
"Security Assistance and National Security in the Global Economy," (Summer 1999) 21:4, p.99-104.
"North Atlantic Treaty Organization Accession Protocols for Albania and Croatia," (March 2009) 31:1, p.89-90.
Olson, Dennis M. (Fall 2001) "Security Assistance Planning and Resource Management (SAM-P) Course Tirana, Albania, September 17, 2001," 24:1, p.149-151.
Albright, Madeleine K.
…and William S. Cohen. (Winter 1999-2000) "Foreign Aid Fables: Don't Shortchange American Security," 22:2, p.61-62.
…and William S. Cohen. (Winter 1997-98) "Land Mine Policy," 20:2, p.57-60.
…and Anthony Lake and Wesley Clark. (Summer 1994) "The Clinton Administration's Policy on Reforming Multilateral Peace Operations," 16:4, p.42-54.
"Congressional Budget Resolution Could Require a Fifteen Percent Reduction for International Affairs," (Summer 1999) 21:4, p.9-12.
"Fiscal Year 2001 Budget Request for Foreign Operations," (Spring 2000) 22:3, p.7-17.
"Foreign Operations Budget Request for FY 1998," (Spring 1997) 19:3, p.53-63.
"Funding for U.S. Foreign Operations," (Summer 1997) 19:4, p.9-20.
"FY1998 Funding for U.S. Foreign Operations Programs," (Summer 1998) 20:4, p.13-27
"Human Rights," (Winter 1999) 21:2, p.55-59.
"On 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights," (Winter 1999) 21:2, p.53-54.
"Reprint of Remarks Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright Presented before the 10th George C. Marshall Lecture," (Winter 1999) 21:2, p.46-52.
"Statement to the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference," (Fall 1997) 20:1, p.16-21.
"Statement on U.S. Assistance to Colombia," (Winter 1999-2000) 22:2, p.69-70.
"Strengthening the Coordination of Humanitarian Emergency Assistance," (Winter 1994-93) 16:2, 58-61.
"The UN, the U.S. and the World," (Fall 1996) 19:1, p.23-29.
"U.S. Designation of Terrorist Organizations," (Winter 1997-98) 20:2, p.52-56.
Alexander, Teresa
"Data Generation Process for a Total Package Approach," (Winter 1995-96) 18:2, p.92-99.
Hawkins, Joanne B. (Spring 2003) "Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management Mobile Education Team Travels to Algeria," 25:3, p.118-120.
Allen, Teddy G.
"Interview with the Director, DSAA [Lt.Gen. Teddy G. Allen, USA]," (Spring 1991) 13:3, p.58-61.
"Military Assistance in a Changing World Environment," (Spring 1991) 13:3, p.43-47.
"Security Assistance in Challenging Times," (Summer 1992) 14:4, p.20-22.
Allison, George B.
… and Brian W. Daugherty. (Spring 1995) "The Turkish Navy's Quest for Modernization," 17:3, p.10-14.
Almquist, Peter
... and Edwin Bacon. (Winter 1992-93) "Arms Exports in the Post-Soviet Market," 15:2, p.65-73.
Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Bush, George W. (Summer 2001) "Progress in Developing New Attitudes and Laws to Help Americans with Disabilities," 23:4, p.43-45.
Anastassopoulos, Jean-Pierre
... and Pierre Dussage. (Spring 1986) "French 'Savoir-Faire' in Selling Arms: a New Way of Doing Business," 8:3, p.70-77.
Andean Counterdrug Initiative (ACI)
Charles, Robert B. (Summer 2004) "United States Policy and the Andean Counterdrug Initiative," 26:4, p.59-63.
Andean Regional Initiative (ARI)
Beers, Rand. (Summer 2001) "Andean Regional Initiative," (Summer 2001) 23:4, p.80-87.
Grossman, Marc.(Spring 2002) "U.S. Assistance to Colombia and the Andean Region" 24:3, p.35-41.
Anderson, Larry D.
"Foreign Military Sales Sole Source Exception: The Current USASAC Practice," (Fall 1993) 16:1, p.83-87.
Anderson, Mark E.
"Security Assistance Training Face to Face: the Life of an ITMO," (Spring 1988) 10:3, p.132-137.
Anderson, Patrick
"Major Patrick Anderson, USA Receives an Award from the Government of Djibouti," (Summer 2005) 27:4, p.89.
Anderson, Richard J.
"U.S. Security Assistance for Estonia," (Spring 1998) 20:3, p.1-14.
Anderson, William D.
… and Kenneth T. Cushing. (Fall 2005) “Security Cooperation with the Pacific,” 28:1, p.33-35.
Powell, Colin L. (Winter 2003) "Implementation of the Lusaka Protocols," 25:1 & 2, p.56-57.
Annual Defense Report
Perry, William J. (Summer 1996) "Annual Report to the President and Congress," 18:4, p.75-79.
Perry, William J. (Summer 1995) "Military Assistance," 17:4, p.50-53.
"United States Military Assistance," (Summer 1997) 19:4, p.45-47.
Weinberger, Caspar W. (Spring 1982) "SECDEF Annual Report to Congress," 4:3, p.59-66.
Anthony, John Duke
"DISAM Adjunct Faculty Receives Honors," (Fall 2000) 23:1, p.124-126.
Antiterrorism Assistance (ATA)
Pope, William P. (Spring 2005) "Eliminating Terrorist Sanctuaries: the Role of Security Assistance," 27:3, p.15-23.
Anyaso, Claudia
Overview of AFRICOM: a Unified Combatant Combatant Command," (September 2008) 30:3, p. 59-61.
Aradi, Andras V.
... and James M. Bolling. (Fall 1989) "Security Assistance in Costa Rica," 12:1, p.75-83.
Arasan, Jayakumar
"Automation Systems for Office of Defense Cooperation Malaysia," (April 2007) 29:2, p.127-133.
Noriega, Roger F. "Argentina's Current Economic and Political Situation," (Spring 2004) 26:3, p.109-110.
Arizona Air National Guard
162nd Fighter Wing Tucson International Airport (March 2009) 31:1, p.1-3.
Building Capable Allies, Strong Bonds the Arizona Air Guard Teaches United States Allies to Fly, Fight and Win. (March 2009) 31:1, p.4-6.
International Military Student Office Best in the Air Force. (March 2009) 31:1, p.9-10.
Poland's "Peace Sky" at Home in Arizona. (March 2009) 31:1, p.7-8.
Armacost, Michael H.
"Foreign Assistance and the U.S. National Interest," (Winter 1985-86) 8:2, p.42-48.
"U.S. Foreign Policy Achievements and Challenges," (Winter 1986-87) 9:2, p.36-42.
"U.S. Policy in the Persian Gulf and Kuwaiti Reflagging," (Fall 1987) 10:1, p.11-16.
Armed Forces
Aspin, Les. (Spring 1993) "Defense Challenges," 15:3, p.36-37.
Aspin, Les. (Fall 1993) "A First Step," 16:1, p.37-38.
Davis, Lori. (Fall 1995) "After 50 Years, They're Going Home," 18:1, p.77-79.
Eyermann, Richard J. (Summer 1984) "United States Air Force Role in Security Assistance," 6:4, p.1-4.
Gendrolis, Paul S. (Summer 1992) "Mission Not Impossible: Preparing for an Overseas Assignment,"  14:4, p.111-114.
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"Performance Review Seeks to Streamline DoD," (Summer 1994) 16:4, p.57-76.
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Armitage, Richard L.
"Andean Counterdrug Initiative," (Winter 2003) 25:1 & 2, p.77-79.
"Security Cooperation in a Post September 11, 2001 World," (Winter 2003) 25:1 & 2, p.113-117.
"Sri Lanka Prospects for Peace," (Spring 2003) 25:3, p.89-92.
"U.S. Security Role in East Asia--not an Outdated Milestone, but a Cornerstone of America's Future," (Summer 1988) 10:4, p.66-73.
Arms Control
"Assessment of Arms, Ammunitions, and Explosives Accountability and Control, Security Assistance, and Sustainment for the Afghan National Security Forces," (March 2009) 31:1, 50-52.
Bloomfield, Lincoln P., Jr."Implementation of the United Nations Program of Action for Small Arms and Light Weapons," (Fall 2003) 26:1, p.73-74.
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"Fact Sheet: Middle East Arms Control Initiative," (Summer 1991) 13:4, p.56-58.
"Fact Sheet: Non-Proliferation and Export Control Policy," (Winter 1994-93) 16:2, p.85-88.
"Fact Sheet: Safe and Secure Dismantlement of Nuclear Weapons in the New Independent States," (Winter 1994-95) 17:2, p.72-73.
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Is There a Strategy for Responsible U.S. Engagement on Cluster Munitions?" (September 2008) 30:3, p. 117-120.
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Arms Export Control Act (AECA)
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Arms Production
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