Intermediate Global Cross-Cultural Competence

SC Workforce Certification Level

Fulfills Elective Option for Intermediate Level Certification for all SC Workforce Members


The Intermediate Global Cross-Cultural Competence course develops cross-cultural leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities of International Military Student Officers (IMSOs), personnel leading Field Study Program (FSP) activities, and other SC professionals that require greater cultural awareness of partner nations but do not have a regional focus. International students from more than 100 countries come to the US to train alongside the US military troops. These activities are key to US security cooperation. The IMSO’s and FSP professionals’ key responsibilities are to serve as liaisons for the international students through their entire stay in the US. This course is designed to equip IMSOs to work effectively with these international students and build support networks for student success. It is also designed to deliver a broad cultural and international perspective for other SC professionals.

The course contains two components. The first offers a world tour, explaining COCOM priorities, peoples and societies. It introduces students to the U.S. Department of Defense priorities, local highlights, and critical cultural norms and practices. The remainder of the course involves a deep dive into cross-cultural knowledge, communication, and relation-building. Students learn crucial concepts about working across cultures, participating in exercises, role plays, and discussions that build cultural awareness and interaction skills. Selected cases are designed to strengthen students’ capacity to interact with International Military Students (IMS) and other Partner Nation personnel effectively. Cultural and relational skills emphases include: 1) building constructive working relationships with international guests; 2) adapting to changing circumstances in culturally appropriate ways; 3) reducing international students’ stress in adjusting to the United States, and 4) organizing the students’ support network for positive experiences and inter-cultural connections.

The capstone project combines team-based analyses and discussions occurring throughout the course. This experiential approach enhances IMSO skills, providing tools and resources to handle cultural challenges and struggles, answering the question: What should I do in this case?

TThe course includes six modules, plus a capstone analysis and presentation.


Students who complete this course will be able to:

  1. Describe their role and their importance in supporting U.S. Security Cooperation.
  2. Understand key features of Great Power competition.
  3. Identify similarities and differences in religions, cultural values, types of economies, and governments.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge about the various dimensions of culture.
  5. Reflect on one’s worldview and its impact on cross-cultural relationships.
  6. Compare U.S. culture with others around the world.
  7. Analyze challenging or unusual cultural situations and identify relevant approaches for effectively addressing these.
  8. Demonstrate cultural adaptability in a challenging multi-national situation (using active listening, empathy, mindfulness, face-saving, rapport building, conflict management).
  9. Describe the support needed to assist international students and their families with cross-cultural adjustments (cultural shock).
  10. Apply appropriate cross-cultural skills and communications to build positive relations with IMSs.
  11. Analyze the support network and skills needed to foster a compelling experience for international students and their families.

Target Attendees

All USG Security Cooperation Workforce personnel requiring intermediate level Cross Cultural Competence/World-Wide Orientation.



Substitute Course(s)

Security Cooperation Management - OCONUS Course (SCM-O), All Years

Course Length

4 days ILT or 25 hours OLT

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Delivery Mode

Instructor Led Training (ILT) or Online Training (OLT)

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Not evaluated

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