Intermediate SC Case Life Cycle Management

SC Workforce Certification Level

Required for Intermediate Level Certification for Case Life Cycle Management


This course provides students with the information they need to plan for, oversee, and execute the many complex and interrelated aspects of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Building Partnership Capacity (BPC) cases and programs. It builds on functional knowledge of Security Cooperation (SC) in support of SC case life cycle management.

There are two options for completing the CASE-201 course.

  1. Distance Learning Option (CASE-201-V): Conducted over fourteen days (14 half days). Conducted through distance learning with some portions at scheduled times with an instructor.
  2. In Residence Option (CASE-201-N, X, W): Conducted over nine (9) days (4 half days plus 5 full days). The first four (4) days are conducted through distance learning with some portions at scheduled times with an instructor. The last five 5 days are in residence.
    • “N” - DSCU NCR campus in Washington D.C.
    • “W” – DSCU WPAFB, OH campus.
    • “X” – Location other than a DSCU campus.

The first four (4) days of the class provide the concepts and ideas of SC case life cycle management. Then the students apply those concepts to analyze, synthesize, and develop key elements of each phase of an SC case letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) through group exercises and discussions.


The course objective is to provide an understanding of Security Cooperation (SC) case and program policies and procedures of the LOA during the planning, development, execution, and closure phases of the life-cycle.

Target Attendees

USG SC personnel involved with FMS/BPC case/program management for military equipment, international military training, military construction, budgeting & financial management of SC cases, and logistics/sustainment management in support of SC cases (includes US Military, USG Civilians, Embedded Contractors).


SC-101: Introduction to Security Cooperation

Substitute Course(s)

SCM-C (completed after October 1, 2011)
SCM-O (completed after October 1, 2011)

Course Length

14 half days OLT, or 4 days OLT + 5 days ILT

Additional Course Information

Delivery Mode

Online Training (OLT), or Instructor Led Training (ILT) + Online Training (OLT)

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College Credit Recommended

Not reviewed

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In-residence Option: normally runs from 0800 until 1530 EST Monday through Thursday, allowing for travel on Friday.

Distance Learning Option: normally runs each work day from 1200-1600 EST for all fourteen days of the course.

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