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The course is designed for spouses of U.S. military personnel and DoD direct-hire civilian employees assigned to security cooperation positions in U.S. embassies. When accompanied, spouses can support fast-paced and demanding SCO assignments and contribute to mission success. Spouses will sometimes perform voluntary and direct services to support the SCO or other embassy offices – in a unique overseas environment, without typical support systems present. SCO Spouse training is valuable for SCO mission success and family safety (SCO assignments have risks for which the typical family is not prepared). Upon completion of this course, students will have a broad foundation designed to equip and integrate these family members into their embassy and foreign communities. Additionally, the course will provide information on the resources and support networks available to help foster success in these unique tours of duty.


This course equips the student to understand the various roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for a SCO spouse. The student will be able to explain SCO functions and identify the relationships maintained by the SCO; understand the organization and function of U.S. embassies and various agencies within the embassy; identify cultural differences and ways to adapt; discuss and understand how living and moving overseas is different than typical OCONUS/CONUS assignments; understand post security resources and recognize specific personal safety and security measures to use throughout a SCO assignment; demonstrate proper etiquette and protocol in an international setting; identify ways to reduce the social media “footprint” and recognize counterintelligence concerns; explain how to prepare for crisis management at an embassy; explain U.S. Government and DoD Standards of conduct and ethical issues that SCOs encounter; identify stages of cultural adjustment and resiliency strategies; apply course information to navigate real world SCO case studies.

Target Attendees

Spouses of DoD members assigned to a Security Cooperation Organization (outside of the United States) are eligible to attend this class. The spouse should be included on the DoD member’s orders for the SCO assignment. DSCU funding for in-resident courses will be provided for SCO spouses who attend the course any time prior to the initial arrival date to the DoD member’s country-of-assignment. Spouses are encouraged, but not required, to attend the in-resident course at the same time that their husband or wife attends the Overseas Course. SCO-spouses are able to take the online course at any point in time, and are encouraged to take the course as soon as possible after the DoD member receives SCO assignment orders.



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20 days vILT or 5 days ILT

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Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) or Instructor Led Training (ILT)

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DSCU will provide funds to pay for spouse travel and living allowances (per diem and lodging if unaccompanied) for the in-resident course. DSCU does not pay for the use of rental cars for in-resident courses; however, there is a shuttle van service providing transportation to and from student quarters and the training location, as well as transportation to and from off-base restaurants. The shuttle van service is free of charge for all DSCU students. Travel orders for the in-resident course will be created in DTS by the budget office for spouse participants. Childcare will not be provided or reimbursed for students participating in the SCO-299 course. Please refer to the Student Information Guide for potential childcare options for the in-resident course offered in the local area. Appropriate business casual office attire is required for all attendees for the in-resident course. Additionally, all students are required to wear appropriate attire for the evening protocol dining practical exercise (dinner appropriate suit, cocktail dress or comparable attire) for the in-resident course.

Course Syllabus

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SCO-299 student registrations are accepted up until 7 calendar days before the SCO-299 course start date. After that date, students will be accepted on a case by case basis or will be added to a later course iteration.

Course Testimonials

"I would absolutely recommend this class to any spouse headed out to a SCO assignment. Debbie and Beth made us feel welcome from the first moment, and their carefully constructed course addressed questions I had been carrying around for months not knowing whom to ask. The course also gave me a chance to network with others headed out to similar assignments. I came away with new resources and friendships, feeling ready to head out to Eastern Europe!"
--SCO Spouse

"SCO-299 is an INVALUABLE tool for spouses relocating for this unique role, but also opens the dialogue for what we can do to further the education of spouses on an accompanied international move. It is not always intuitive. DSCU has a wealth of knowledge at its fingertips, and this course is so carefully crafted for our role while allowing flexibility for personal contributions. As a spouse who has lived internationally as an active duty dependent, this information is empowering, enlightening and puts us in contact with contemporaries in this rewarding but challenging role. No two countries are alike, as no two spouses are. What we have in common unites and creates the resilience that is critical to not only the happiness of the families, but the success of the mission. I was VERY hesitant to take another course the military offers to spouses. However, SCO-299 values and respects our contribution, and regards us as the intellectual equals we are to our active duty member in uniform."
--PACOM SCO Spouse

“As a new military spouse facing our family's first PCS with a dog, career, and baby on the way, I was overwhelmed and in the dark about our impending move. Beth and Debbie brought light to our situation, answered the many questions that I had as someone new to the military with patience, and gave me the information needed to feel empowered in the seismic change that is one's first PCS. I highly recommend this course to all SCO spouses - even the more seasoned among us - to gain the benefits of direct access to official resources, a bevy of experienced faculty willing to answer your specific questions, dedicated fellow SCO spouses willing to candidly share their experiences, and a host of new friends across the globe from your class cohort. I leave the course feeling a new sense of agency, knowledge and community as we head off on this new adventure! Thanks, Beth, Debbie, DSCU and DSCA!"
--PACOM SCO Spouse

“Like anyone entering into a new environment, I had many questions, and was not sure what expectations to set for myself and family. This class addressed each of my questions individually and help lay the groundwork for tackling any foreseeable and unforeseen obstacles. It also caused me to take into consideration things I hadn't considered based on others experiences. Like what to do with my dog in an emergency, or shipping consumable goods before departure. Because of this class I was able to establish contacts and find employment in country. It is truly a blessing that's these women have dedicated their time and resources to assisting other spouses benefit from not only from their knowledge, but from their lessons learned. I highly recommend this resource to all new SCO spouses. I encourage you to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to gain knowledge and meet other wonderful spouses. In my humble opinion, community is the key to thriving and not simply surviving in country. Take advantage of every opportunity and the years of knowledge and experience. I encourage you to enjoy your time in country and don't hesitate to lean on your community. Develop relationships with the locals and the veteran spouses in country. Make lasting memories. Don't get discouraged as Beth said " you are your biggest advocate"! Fare winds and following seas in your SCO journeys!
--CENTCOM SCO spouse

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