Intermediate Managing Major International Acquisition Competitions (MIAC)

SC Workforce Certification Level

Required for Intermediate Level Certification for Acquisition Management


This course provides students with the information and knowledge on the applicable policies, lessons learned, Points of Contact (POCs), tools, and references that MIAC (i.e., weapons competitions) teams and supporting personnel need to be aware of and apply to plan, oversee, and execute the many complex and interrelated aspects of MIAC efforts and initiatives. The training focus areas and topics addressed and discussed throughout the course includes the following leading to a CAPSTONE exercise where student MIAC teams need to develop and out-brief a plan of how to they would develop a response to the MIAC (i.e., weapons competition) Request for Proposal (RFP) that they were assigned, while also identifying the issues (along with recommended solutions to mitigate or resolve) that they foresee that will have to be addressed during the execution of that plan:

  • How international competitions (e.g., request for tender or proposal) are conducted
  • How to team with USG and industry stakeholders to build a responsive engagement plan, avoid common pitfalls and achieve success
  • Linkage to or leveraging USG security cooperation objectives, and the role of Combatant Commanders, Component Commanders and other USG agencies in competitions
  • How to incorporate the technology release and disclosure policy, anti-tamper and export control considerations into the competitive timeline.
  • Financial resources available and proper use of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Admin resources to support MIAC efforts and initiatives.
  • How to apply and potentially integrate Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) and International Cooperative Program (ICP) aspects into a successful MIAC (i.e., weapons competition) effort, initiative, and outcome.

This course is twenty eight (28) hours total in length. There are two options for completing the ACQ-241 course.

  1. Distance Learning Option (ACQ-241-V): Conducted over seven (7) half days. Conducted through distance learning with days 1 and 2 being mostly asynchronous (i.e., students complete online on their own with the exception of a 30 minute Course Introduction lesson), and the remaining portion of the class being synchronous (i.e., students meet real-time at scheduled times with an instructor and guest speakers).
  2. Hybrid Learning Option (ACQ-241-N, X, W): Conducted over five (5) days with first two (2) days being half days being mostly asynchronous (i.e., students complete online on their own with the exception of a 30 minute Course Introduction lesson), and the remaining 3 day portion of the class being full day synchronous (i.e., students meet real-time at scheduled times with an instructor and guest speakers) in residence (i.e., a physical classroom setting).
    • "N” = DSCU NCR campus in Washington D.C.
    • “W” = DSCU WPAFB, Ohio campus.
    • “X” = Location other than a DSCU campus.


This course’s objective is to provide personnel that are assigned to or may in the future be assigned to support MIAC (i.e., weapons competitions) with the information and knowledge they will need to manage, support, and be successful in those MIAC (i.e., weapons competitions) efforts and initiatives.

Target Attendees

USG SC personnel that typically get assigned to support MIAC (i.e., weapons competitions) efforts. Those personnel typically include programmatic strategic planners, applicable (e.g., aviation, missiles, space, etc.) Program Executive Officers and Program Managers, Country Program Directors (CPDs), and supporting the policy personnel (e.g., Technology Security/Foreign Disclosure, Legal, etc.).


SC-101 Introduction to Security Cooperation Course.

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Course Length

7 half days OLT, or 2 days OLT + 3 days ILT

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On-Line Training (OLT), or Online Training (OLT) + Instructor Led Training (ILT)

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Not evaluated

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This course can be repeated every three years as a refresher and to obtain updates on new policies and procedures.

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