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DSCU endeavors to support events across the DOD Security Cooperation community. Please complete the online form to request the support of a DSCU faculty member. DSCU faculty actively supports requests to teach, facilitate, present, or provide subject matter expertise on SC related topics or systems either in person, or virtually. DSCU faculty members may support conferences, workshops, panel discussions, and education or training events.

Thorough completion of this form will enable DSCU to determine supportability of the requested event. Completing this form does NOT guarantee event support. The DSCU Office of Research will send a confirmation e-mail once DSCU has made a determination on supportability.

Travel, Lodging and Per Diem are at the expense of the requesting organization unless other funding arrangements have been previously approved.

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  1. If interested in SCIP training, please include the SCIP Community/Pages of interest.
  2. This form is used to request specialized DSAMS training (i.e., target audience or functional area training). DSAMS-101 is offered through the DSCU Course Catalog as CASE-205.

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Note: For example, SC experience level primarily consists of executive level, General officer, mid-grade officer, enlisted, etc.

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