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Mailing Address:2475 K. Street, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-7641
Commercial Telephone: 937-713-3300
Mailing Address:
2475 K. Street, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-7641
Commercial Telephone:

International Student Information Guide

First Things First

Please note that DSCU West offers a variety of courses for our international partners. Make sure that you know which course you are scheduled to attend and then make sure that the correct course is indicated on your Invitational Travel Orders (ITO). We must put you in the course indicated on your ITO. If you want to move from one course to another after you arrive at DSCU West , we must first ask your country's Security Cooperation Office (SCO) to provide us with an amendment to your ITO. This requires the SCO to coordinate with your government and can take a long time. Even though some of our courses run concurrently, we may not move you from one classroom to another without an ITO amendment. It is best to make sure your ITO is correct before you depart for DSCU West .

The following courses comprise our international curriculum:

  1. SCM-I-Finance/Logistics (3 weeks, MASL D178271) starts on Monday and runs for three weeks, ending at noon of the Friday of the third week. We ask that students not schedule departure flights prior to 1600 hrs on that day.
  2. SCM-I-Finance/Training (3 weeks, MASL D178270) starts on Monday and runs for three weeks, ending at noon of the Friday of the third week. We ask that students not schedule departure flights prior to 1600 hrs on that day.
  3. SCM-CS (Logistics Support, 5 days, MASL D178238) starts on Monday and runs through Friday of the same week.

    Note: You are not required to have a Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) account to attend any DSCU West course. However, if you have an active account, we recommend that you bring your SCIP token with you.

Once You Get Here

  • If you are traveling to DSCU West by air, you will arrive at the Dayton International Airport. Please try to arrive prior to 2200 hrs on the day immediately preceding the start date of your course.
  • DSCU West will make our best effort to meet you at the airport upon your arrival and take you to billeting, normally the local Visiting Officers Quarters (VOQ) known as the Wright-Patterson Inn. Accordingly, it is important that you or your SCO provide the Registrar your arrival flight information at least two (2) weeks prior to your arrival date, either through the Security Assistance Network (SAN) or by e-mail or both.
  • If we do not know when you are arriving, we cannot greet you at the airport.
  • If for some reason no one from DSCU West meets you at the airport, you can take a taxi to billeting. Charter Vans Service maintains an office at the far end of the baggage claim in the airport terminal. There is also a commercial taxi stand just outside the front of the terminal. Fares to WPAFB range from $50 to $80.
  • If you arrive by car or take a taxi or rental car from the airport, enter WPAFB through Gate 12A off of State Route 444 to get to the VOQ. The main desk is in Building 825 on Schlatter Drive. Directly below is a map showing Areas A and C and routes to/from WPAF and the Dayton International Airport.

Base Access

  • If someone from DSCU West meets you at the airport, he or she will provide you with a blue base pass and welcome packet. Keep your pass with you at all times. To get on WPAFB, you will need your base pass, your passport, and a copy of your ITO.
  • If you are not met at the airport or if you arrive by car, you will be able to get your base pass and welcome packet at the main desk of the VOQ. Show the WPAFB gate guards your ITO and they should allow you temporary base access to get to the VOQ.
  • You will not need a separate vehicle pass if you are driving a car.


  • DSCU West will arrange for your lodging, normally at the VOQ. Unless you advise us of an earlier arrival date, we will make your reservations starting the day prior to your class start date. Reservations for rooms earlier than the day prior to the class start date are on a space-available basis only.
  • Current VOQ rates are $60.00 per night.
  • When we make your reservations, we will tell the VOQ your expected arrival time. If during your trip it appears that you will arrive later than originally planned, please inform the VOQ by phone at (937) 257-5442 so that they will know to hold your room or to change your reservation. Please also inform the Registrar. Note that the VOQ will not hold your room past 1700 hours of the day prior to your class start date unless you notify them or DSCU West of your late arrival.
  • We recommend that you not bring family members, other dependents, or guests. The VOQ will not provide billeting for them. Moreover, DSCU West is not authorized to issue them a base pass.
  • If you decide to stay in quarters other than those arranged for by DSCU West , whether because you are accompanied by a family member or for other reasons, you must make your own arrangements, including transportation from the airport. Furthermore, DSCU West will not provide you with a statement of non-availability for quarters if rooms are available for students at the VOQ.
  • If you have a physical disability, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that you have a comfortable stay while you are here.

Local Transportation

  • DSCU West provides free bus service between student quarters and the schoolhouse. If you choose to stay elsewhere, you must provide your own transportation to and from class
  • DSCU West also provides a free shuttle service between student quarters and local eating establishments in the evenings and on weekends

Money Matters

  • Your official travel expenses, per diem, lodging, and any other costs associated with your attendance at DSCU West are the responsibility of your government.
  • You MUST arrive with sufficient funds to cover your billeting, meals, and other expenses while you are here at DSCU West .
  • If you attend DSCU West on International Military Education and Training (IMET) funds, and your government chooses to use IMET to pay for your lodging, we will take you to the WPAFB Finance Office to draw these funds on the day before graduation.
  • VISA and MasterCard credit cards are widely accepted around Dayton and WPAFB, including the VOQ.
  • There are also numerous ATMs around Dayton and WPAFB


  • DSCU West will only send out or receive official US mail. Our official address is:
    • DSCU West /DAS
      2475 K Street, Bldg 52
      Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7641
  • If you are staying in the VOQ or Hope Hotel, you may register with the local post office located at Wright-Patterson AFB’s Kitty Hawk Center to have your personal mail sent there. Note that if you intend to use this service, you MUST REGISTER with the Kitty Hawk post office branch before they will accept mail or packages on your behalf. The post office will not deliver your mail to the VOQ or to the Hope Hotel. You will have to go to the post office to check to see if you have had a mail delivery. The address is:
    • Your Name
      General Delivery
      5435 Hemlock
      Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-5000
      United States of America
  • In addition to mail and packages sent through the US Postal Service, the Kitty Hawk post office will also accept UPS and FedEx packages on your behalf. They will not accept DHL packages.
  • Make sure to out-process with the Kitty Hawk post office before you leave Wright-Patterson AFB. If you do not, the post office will consider any mail that arrives after your departure to be unclaimed and return to sender.
  • If you are staying off-base, make arrangements to have your personal mail sent directly to your off-base address.
  • Any US post office will accept outbound mail and appropriate packages for shipment to US and international addresses. In addition to the one at the Kitty Hawk Center, there is also a post office branch in building 16, Area B, just a few hundred meters from DSCU West .

Food and Drink

  • DSCU West provides a free shuttle service to take you to local restaurants in the evenings and on weekends.
  • There are limited options for meals around the VOQ or around DSCU West . However, your VOQ room will have a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and other amenities, so you will have some capability to cook in your room.
  • Many DSCU West students find it most convenient to bring lunch to DSCU West during the school week. DSCU West ’s student lounge has a galley with a refrigerator, a freezer, several coffee stations with hot water dispensers, and several microwave ovens.
  • The shuttle service DSCU West provides can take you to the WPAFB commissary or to supermarkets off-base to buy food.
  • You may want to bring cooking and eating utensils from home, though most students find it more convenient to buy disposable utensils after they arrive.
  • DSCU West provides a "coffee mess" that you can join for $7.00 per week for unlimited coffee, or you can pay 50 cents per cup. We also provide tea bags for 50 cents each and bottled water for $1.00 each. A vending machine in the student lounge dispenses soft drinks.
  • DSCU West enforces a "covered mug" policy, that is, we do not allow open-top beverage cups anywhere in DSCU West spaces, especially classrooms. We will issue you a souvenir DSCU West mug at no cost. We do permit bottles and soda cans.

Conduct of the Course

  • Your first day of class will start at 0800 hrs
  • Busses will leave the VOQ at approximately 0700 and 0730. The welcome packet that your DSCU West greeter will provide, or that will be waiting for you at the VOQ, will include a detailed bus schedule
  • Note that DSCU West is on Area B of WPAFB, which is not contiguous to Areas A where the VOQ is located. That means that you will have to go off-base and then back on-base to get to DSCU West . Make sure you carry your base pass.
  • Click on the course links in the paragraph above on "First Things First" to see a detailed discussion of your course, including a day-by-day description of the syllabus.
  • Graduation for all courses will be at 1200 hrs on the last Friday of the course. Due to airport security requirements, please do not schedule your departure flight until after 1600 hrs that day.
  • DSCU West normally will not authorize early departures except for bona fide emergencies.
  • We look forward to seeing you here at DSCU West in the near future. Have a safe and comfortable journey.

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