Contact Information

Mailing Address:2475 K. Street, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-7641
Commercial Telephone: 937-713-3300
Mailing Address:
2475 K. Street, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-7641
Commercial Telephone:

Student Information Guide


  • DSCU conducts courses designed to improve the knowledge and enhance the skills of a wide audience in the field of security cooperation. Our students include U.S. military personnel and DoD civilians, employees in the U.S. defense industry, and military and civilian counterparts of foreign governments, among others. Although located on a United States Air Force base, we are responsible to the Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) in Washington, D.C.
  • We offer both resident courses, online courses and learning guides.
  • Resident courses, taught both at DSCU West and other locations by arrangement, vary in length from two days to four weeks. Online courses range from about 90 minutes to 20 hours. Each resident course is offered a number of times annually while most online courses are available continuously. The curriculum is designed to provide the highest quality education and tailored to meet student specific needs at all levels of security assistance and security cooperation management.
  • Course content is a blend of instruction on the governing policies concerning security assistance and security cooperation, implementation and execution by various U.S. government agencies, and associated management processes. Throughout the curricula there are subjects intended to broaden the scope and depth of the student’s knowledge of the total security assistance and security cooperation spectrum. The objective of the various courses is to broaden the understanding of the various programs, policies, procedures, responsibilities, and the organizations responsible for implementation.
  • Our educational program quality is maintained by (a) blending students from all MILDEPs and other backgrounds in classroom sizes conducive to open discussion; (b) integrating current policies and procedures with practical security assistance problems; (c) engaging in practical exercises where possible; (d) utilizing advanced technology for instruction; (e) selecting faculty with extensive practical knowledge and a strong desire to be instructors; and (f) using guest speakers recognized as authorities in their field based on their official position and/or experience.
  • We recognize that equal opportunity programs are essential to the accomplishment of the missions of both DoD and DSCU West . In keeping with this commitment, discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, mental and physical disability or age is prohibited. We pledge to eliminate barriers and practices that impede opportunity for all students, including sexual harassment, and architectural, transportation, and other barriers affecting people with disabilities.

Registered Students

  • If you have already registered for a class, and we confirm your eligibility, you should receive an email indicating that your registration request has been approved. The text of that email provides information that is specific to your class. International students do not recieve an email and should visit the International Students page instead.
  • If your class is taught in residence, this student information guide will provide you with additional generic information about DSCU West , Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and associated policies and services for students.

Dayton Area Climate

Dayton, Ohio is located in the mid-western United States and has a temperate climate. While extreme temperatures are rare, it can get very hot and humid in summer and bitterly cold in the winter. On average, there are twenty days in the year with temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) and four days with the temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). The total precipitation per year averages about 37 inches (94 centimeters). You may check here for today weather:

Dayton area average monthly temperatures (Fahrenheit/Celsius):

Month Average Low Average High
January 21/6 37/3
February 23/4 40/4
March 31/-1 49/10
April 41/6 62/17
May 51/12 72/23
June 61/16 82/28
July 64/18 85/30
August 62/17 84/29
September 55/13 78/25
October 44/7 66/19
November 23/-5 51/12
December 25/-4 40/4

Arrival Information (Updated 18-Nov-2021)

If you arrive by commercial airline, you will process through the Dayton International Airport, located in Vandalia, Ohio. Commercial taxis are available to transport all other DSCU students to billeting at WPAFB at an approximate cost of $66.00. Contact the ground transport counter located in the baggage claim area for commercial ground transportation. Distance from the airport to the Wright-Patterson Inn is approximately 15 miles.

To reach the base from the Dayton International Airport, go east on Interstate 70 to Interstate 75, go south on I-75, go east on State Route 4 and exit at State Route 444. If going to the Wright-Patterson Inn (VOQ) initially, you must enter through gate 12A.

Base Access

Access to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Inn, DSCU West , and other on-base facilities is restricted. Students will be required to show identification at the gate entry points.

Industry students, upon receiving course confirmation from us, must contact the Registrar and provide driver’s license number and state of issue. We will pass this information to the Wright-Patterson AFB security forces, which will send the industry student, via email, a printable temporary base pass for the inclusive dates of the course.

All students should be prepared to show the on-duty security policeman a valid government issued ID card (normally your Common Access Card – CAC) and possibly a copy of your TDY orders. These items should be in your possession at all times.

DSCU West Location

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) is a large military installation divided into two general areas. DSCU West is located in Building 52 of Area B. Students are normally billeted at the Wright-Patterson Inn (VOQ) located in Area A. Bus transportation to and from Wright-Patterson Inn and DSCU West is provided. Travel between the two areas requires exit and re-entry to the base.

Map of Wright-Patterson


Military, DoD Civilian and International Students

The Visiting Officers Quarters (VOQ) on base is called the Wright-Patterson Inn. The Registrar will make all billeting reservations through the Wright-Patterson Inn office or the Hope Hotel. Your reservation will not be held past 1700 on the day prior to your class convening date unless you notify the inn during the week prior to class start date of a late arrival. In the absence of special justification from your command and approval by DSCU West , we will not fund a hotel should you lose your inn reservation by failing to call the inn to confirm a late check-in. In the event the attendees in your class will be billeted somewhere other than the Wright-Patt inn or Hope Hotel, DSCU West will make every attempt to notify you of this change. It is recommended you contact the Registrar anytime during the week prior to class to confirm billeting location.

Wright-Patterson Inn
Address: Building 825, Area A
2439 Schlatter Drive
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433
Rate: $70.00 per night
Payment Information: Visa and Master Card accepted
Commercial Telephone: (937) 257-5442
DSN: 787-5442
Wright-Patterson Inn
Building 825, Area A
2439 Schlatter Drive
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433
$70.00 per night
Payment Information:
Visa and Master Card accepted
Commercial Telephone:
(937) 257-5442

Industry Students

Hope Hotel and Conference Center is a commercial hotel located adjoining Area A, Wright-Patterson AFB.

Hope Hotel

Building 823
Area A, Gate 12A
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433

10823 Chidlaw Rd, Dayton, OH 45433

Rate: $91 plus tax per night
Commercial Telephone: (937) 879-2696
FAX: (937) 878-8731

Full per diem

Set at the entrance to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, this modern hotel and meeting center is 4.2 miles from the National Museum of the US Air Force. Rooms and suites all have microwaves, minifridges, flat-screen TVs with cable channels and radios with an MP3 connection. WiFi access is free. The modern conference center has versatile event space including a ballroom. There's an all-day sports bar and American grill with big-screen TVs and a pool table. On-site parking is free (including RVs).

Hope Hotel

Building 823
Area A, Gate 12A
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433

10823 Chidlaw Rd, Dayton, OH 45433

$91 plus tax per night
Commercial Telephone:
(937) 879-2696
(937) 878-8731

Full per diem

Set at the entrance to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, this modern hotel and meeting center is 4.2 miles from the National Museum of the US Air Force. Rooms and suites all have microwaves, minifridges, flat-screen TVs with cable channels and radios with an MP3 connection. WiFi access is free. The modern conference center has versatile event space including a ballroom. There's an all-day sports bar and American grill with big-screen TVs and a pool table. On-site parking is free (including RVs).

There are numerous hotels/motels in the local WPAFB area that can provide satisfactory accommodations. Hotels within a few minutes’ drive to DSCU West include:

Holiday Inn
Address: 2800 Presidential Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
Commercial Telephone: (937) 426-7800
Holiday Inn
2800 Presidential Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
Commercial Telephone:
(937) 426-7800
Homewood Suites
Address: 2750 Presidential Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
Commercial Telephone: (937) 429-0600
Homewood Suites
2750 Presidential Drive
Fairborn, OH 45324
Commercial Telephone:
(937) 429-0600
Red Roof Inn
Address: 2580 Colonel Glenn Hwy
Fairborn, OH 45324
Commercial Telephone: (937) 426-6116
Red Roof Inn
2580 Colonel Glenn Hwy
Fairborn, OH 45324
Commercial Telephone:
(937) 426-6116

Billeting for Dependents

If you are accompanied by dependents, reservations can be made on a “space available” basis at the Wright-Patterson Inn. It is rare, however, that rooms are available for dependents. If you plan to bring family, in most instances you will be required to reside in off-base quarters at your expense. Transportation to and from DSCU West will be your responsibility.

Many motels surround the base and most of them offer special rates for families. You may obtain information concerning off-base housing from the Registrar, the internet, or the telephone book.

Local Transportation

DSCU West arranges for two rounds of base bus service between billeting and DSCU West for all class days. Buses depart Wright-Patterson Inn building 825/826 at approximately 0705 and again at 0736. For residents of building 832 through 836, buses depart at approximately 0708 and again at 0733 en route to Building 52 (DSCU West ) in Area B. Return bus transportation to billeting departs Building 52 at approximately 1600 and again at 1700 each day. Depending on the start and end time of your class each day, you may opt to take the earlier or later bus. No government transportation to/from class is provided to students who opt to make their own billeting arrangements off base.

During non-duty hours, DSCU West has contracted for a shuttle van service from the Wright-Patterson Inn to off-base eating establishments. This service is free of charge for all DSCU West students. Many base facilities such as the Base Exchange, Commissary, and recreational facilities, are not located within easy walking distance of the Wright-Patterson Inn. Government transportation is available but extremely limited and inconvenient. On the first day of class, each student will receive a card from DSCU West with the Charter Van phone number and the contracted hours of operation. The card acts as your “pass” to use Charter Van. This service does not operate on weekends unless DSCU West classes are in session and continue into the following week.

DSCU West has determined that it is not cost-effective for the USG to provide rental cars to students due to the availability of the above resources. If you are traveling on a DSCU West fund cite and your organization determines that a rental car is justified and elects to fund a rental car, then you are required to include this authorization and organizational fund cite on your TDY orders.

Other than taxi (relatively expensive) or rental car, there is no public transportation between Wright-Patterson AFB and the surrounding communities. Although not mandatory, students are highly encouraged to elect full insurance coverage when renting automobiles. They are encouraged to read the coverage elected so as to fully understand the limits of the insurance coverage.

Automobile Parking

For students billeted at the Wright-Patterson Inn, parking lots are located next to all buildings (825,826 and 832 through 836).

Students may drive their rental or private vehicles to and from DSCU West (Building 52). There is plenty of available parking for students in the large parking lot on the east (uphill) side of K Street, next to DSCU West . Students may not park in the reserved/labeled parking spots around DSCU West . Unauthorized vehicles will be ticketed by the base security police or parking monitors and may be towed.

Automobile Insurance and Licensing

If you drive a motor vehicle, you must have insurance in compliance with the liability laws of the State of Ohio.

International students not resident in the U.S. having a valid license from their country may drive a motor vehicle in the State of Ohio. If the driver’s license is written in language other than English, a translation should be made to English prior to your arrival. Translation will assist local law enforcement officers to identify you in the event you are involved in a traffic accident.

Driving Reminders

It is your responsibility to obey all state and local traffic rules. Wright-Patterson AFB and the local communities rigidly enforce traffic laws. Of particular concern is violation of the rule prohibiting “driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.” This rule is strictly enforced and carries very strong penalties if violated.

Seat belts must be worn at all times in moving vehicles on and off base.

You may not use your cell phone for texting while driving in Ohio. You may use it in “hands free” mode only while driving on base.


To preclude financial hardship while TDY at DSCU West , students must insure they have sufficient funds. It may be difficult to cash a large personal check on Wright-Patterson AFB or in local banks. There are numerous ATM machines available on and off base which may be used to obtain cash from using either government travel card or personal credit cards.

Chase Bank has a branch office located in the BX/Commissary complex, Building 1250, Kittyhawk Center and a separate branch office in Building 16, Area B, within walking distance of DSCU West . Chase will cash personal checks with a limit of $200.00 upon presentation of TDY orders and proper ID. Checks may also be cashed at the BX. For personnel requiring additional money from home once they have arrived, funds can be transferred via the Federal Reserve Wire. This is a bank-to-bank service direct from the student’s home station bank (or participating bank) to the on-base bank. For Chase to execute a wire transfer, a student must open an account with the bank.

Student Funding

The DSCU West fund citation may be used by students only for official travel to DSCU West from home station and return and for lodging and M&IE while at DSCU West . Student travel funding must be requested prior to travel. DSCU West will NOT reimburse agencies after student travel has been completed. Training officers, officials who publish travel orders, and finance and accounting personnel must insure that other expenses such as PCS moves, other TDY en route, and car rental are NOT charged to DSCU West ’s fund citation.

Travel to DSCU West while en route to a PCS assignment: Funds may be used to travel from the last duty station (CONUS only). PCS or other TDY fund citations must be used for travel from DSCU West to the next station and for other expenses.

Special Authorizations

If a student desires to drive his/her privately owned vehicle to Wright-Patterson, the student’s TDY orders must reflect the mileage reimbursement and per diem is limited to the constructive cost of the common carrier transportation (airfare) and related per diem as determined by the DoD Joint Travel Regulation.

Accommodating Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs should indicate these needs to DSCU West during the registration process. If a special need arises subsequent to registration, students should contact DSCU West at the earliest opportunity to discuss necessary arrangements. While DSCU West will attempt to satisfy special needs requests in all appropriate circumstances, it is best able to do so when it has sufficient lead time to work out suitable solutions.

Every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate students with special needs. A wheel-chair accessible elevator and handicapped reserved parking are located at the south end of Building 52 and handicapped-accessible restrooms are available on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Local Childcare Options (For SCO-299 Courses Only)

Childcare will not be provided or reimbursed for students participating in the SCO-299 course. However, there are potential childcare options available in the surrounding area. Arranging childcare before you arrive in Dayton will take coordination and planning (distance, space available, shot records, completion of physician paperwork etc.), so please plan accordingly. As always, choosing a childcare provider for your child/children is a very important personal matter that only you can manage!

NOTE: DSCU does not endorse or take responsibility/liability for any childcare options that are listed on this page.

  • Child Development Center (CDC) Options
    • Wright-Patterson AFB CDC (Space Available Only)
      The requirements regarding eligibility, registration and immunizations are the same as those required for full-day care.
      • New Horizons CDC 937-904-1433 Bldg.1403, Area A
      • Wright Field North CDC 937-255-6254 Bldg.630, Area B
      • Wright Field South CDC 937-255-6463 Bldg.630, Area B
      • Wright Care CDC 937-904-8055 Bldg.6933, Prairies Community Area
  • Family Child Care (FCC)
    In-home care providers available for hourly care of children ages 6 months to 12 years of age. For more information on this program, contact the FCC coordinator at the following numbers:
    • 937-656-8684
    • 937-656-8685
    • 937-656-8686

If space is not available through one of the CDC options above, please use your Internet browser to search for "childcare services within 15 miles of wright patterson afb kidzwatch," which will provide a large selection of alternatives.

Military Service-Unique Administration

DSCU West is not staffed to handle service unique administration. While DSCU West personnel will attempt to assist students, students should insure that all administrative requirements, such as requests for leave and travel orders, passports, visas, shipment of automobile and household goods, port calls, physical exams, and update of identification (CAC) cards, are completed prior to arriving at Wright-Patterson AFB. This is especially important for non-Air Force personnel, as the base personnel support is not able to handle service-unique administrative requirements.

Entry/Exit to the Base

The Wright-Patterson Inn buildings are located in Area A. The most convenient entry is through Gate 12A. The guard will also direct you to the Wright-Patterson Inn office (Building 825). Initial base admittance may be gained by showing the gate guard a copy of your ITO and/or a military identification card (for international students and/or US military personnel). Access for US DoD civilian a USG issued CAC is required.

When entering the base, you must show the on duty security policeman photo identification (passport, with ITO that shows you are TDY to Wright-Patterson, USG issued CAC). You should keep these items in your possession at all times.

Identification Cards (International Students)

Identification cards will be provided to you if DSCU West is the first duty station in your ITO and the total duration of duty in the United States is greater than 30 days. Those personnel who are not eligible for an identification card will be authorized commissary and Base Exchange privileges using their ITOs. These cards will allow you to use various facilities and services available to the military personnel and their dependents at Wright-Patterson AFB. In order to be issued an identification card, you will need to complete a DD Form 1172 (Application for Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card) which will be provided to you by the DSCU West registrar. After completing the DD Form 1172, you will be issued an identification card (DD From 1172). Any student who loses an identification card should immediately report the lost card to the Security Police (extension 7-6841) and the DSCU West registrar. Do not lend your identification card to anyone. Safeguard it and protect your privileges at all times.

Invitational Travel Orders (ITO) for International Students

Your ITO authorizes all training, privileges, and responsibilities while you are in the U.S. and traveling en route between your country and the U.S. training location. DSCU West cannot authorize changes to the ITO. Changes must be approved by the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) or other U.S. military organization in your country which prepared the ITO. If your ITO does not authorize a certain course or privilege, it cannot be provided without a change or official amendment. Please ensure you have your ITO with you when you report to DSCU West and keep a copy with you at all times.


Inbound Official Mail

DSCU West does not handle inbound or outbound personal mail. For inbound official mail relating to students, the DSCU West address is:

2475 K Street
Bldg 52, Area B
ATTN: Student Name and Grade
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433

Incoming personal mail and packages

If you are staying off base, please have your personal mail sent directly to your off-base address. If you are staying at a hotel, make sure that you arrange with the front desk staff to receive your mail and packages.

If staying at Wright-Patterson Inn (VOQ) or Hope Hotel, you may register to have your mail sent to the post office at WPAFB Kitty Hawk Center at the address below (regardless of the Wright-Patterson Inn building you are physically residing in):

Your name
General Delivery
5435 Hemlock Drive
Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-5000

In addition to mail and packages sent through the US Postal Service, the Kittyhawk post office will also accept UPS and FedEx packages on your behalf. They will not accept DHL packages.

Note that if you intend to use this service, you must register with the Kittyhawk post office branch before they will accept mail or packages on your behalf. If you have not registered, they will refuse to accept anything for you. Once registered, you may pick up your mail only at the Kittyhawk post office. The post office will not deliver your mail to the Wright-Patterson Inn.

Ensure that you out-process with the Kittyhawk post office before departing WPAFB. If you do not, any mail that arrives after your departure and thus remains unclaimed will be returned to sender.

Outgoing personal mail and packages

The Kittyhawk post office will accept outbound mail and packages. There is also a post office branch in Building 16, Area B, within walking distance of DSCU West . Both branches will send mail and packages to US and international addresses. See the Registrar or your class manager for details.


Under no circumstances will weapons be stored or kept in government quarters. All weapons must be registered with the Security Police, Law Enforcement Section. Violations of firearms regulations require a formal report. Violations could result in early termination of training.

Weekend Travel

If you plan to leave the Wright-Patterson/Dayton area during a weekend between classes, you will be asked to inform your class manager of your travel plans.

Departure from DSCU West (International Students only)

Delay En Route: Delay en route to the Port of Embarkation from the U.S. will be granted if authorized in your ITO. If you desire more delay en route, you must contact your own government for approval. If it agrees, they will notify the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) in your country or equivalent, which will amend your travel order.

Travel: Our Registrar will assist you with your travel reservations to your next destination. When you arrive at DSCU West , you should indicate when you wish to depart and type of transportation desired.

Itinerary Deviations: Any change is itinerary must be coordinated with and approved by your government.

Class Start Times

Classes start each morning at 0800 hours. Report to DSCU West in Building 52, Area B, on the class start date indicated on your TDY orders, or on your International Travel Orders if you are an international student. Some variation may occur due to course offering and content.

Students are required to provide one copy of their TDY orders on the first day of class if the orders were not prepared in DTS. If orders were prepared in DTS, DSCU West will request only the DTS travel order number.

A sign directing students to DSCU West is posted in the main entrance of building 52. One classroom is on the ground floor; all other classrooms are on the third floor.


The following uniforms/clothing are appropriate and recommended for wear while attending courses at DSCU West .

International Students

Military personnel are required to wear an official duty uniform during all formal classes unless the United States Government or participating country’s policy prohibits the wear of the uniform. Based on the expected weather in Dayton and your personal preference, you may wear a summer or winter uniform (see Dayton Area Climate above).

DoD Military, USG Civilians and Industry

Military: Any authorized military uniform to include Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) and flight suits. Civilian attire for military personnel is not appropriate.

Civilians: Business or business casual is acceptable. Business casual is considered to be at a minimum open neck sport shirt with collar and dress pants for men and equivalent for women.

Students not observing these standards will be allotted 24 hours to obtain appropriate attire. Failure to conform after that time may result in expulsion from the school.

Academic Freedom

DSCU West supports a policy of academic freedom. Guest lecturers, faculty, and students are encouraged to state their opinions, support or criticize any objective, policy, strategy, or program, or procedure in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding or improvement in the management of security assistance and security cooperation. Such comments made by individuals or groups at DSCU West will be safeguarded through the practice of non-attribution (Chatham House Rule).

Student Code of Conduct

Students must adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity and classroom decorum. Students shall not engage in, try to engage in, or assist others to engage in, cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation, or any other act constituting a lack of academic integrity. Classroom decorum includes both conduct and attire. US military personnel are required to attend class in any duty uniform authorized by their service. Civilian attire is not appropriate for military personnel. US civilian personnel should wear appropriate casual office attire. Habitual tardiness or returning late from class breaks, reading newspapers or using cell phones during classroom instruction and rude comments directed at the instructor or other students are examples of improper classroom decorum. Any behavior by a student that violates academic integrity, classroom decorum, or is otherwise disruptive to the class, hinders the learning experience of other students, or violates U.S. law or government policies shall constitute grounds for dismissal from the class. Students have the right to grieve such dismissal using the grievance procedures noted below.


The Department of Defense has established procedures for relief of matters of personal concern or dissatisfaction that are within the control of DSCU West ’s management. If you have a grievance for which you seek redress for any dissatisfaction, you should notify the Class Manager. If he/she cannot resolve your problem, your concerns may be addressed in turn by the appropriate DSCU West director, the DSCU West commandant, the Director of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, and the Department of Defense Inspector General. As an avenue of last resort, grievances may be sent to the Council of Occupation Education, 7840 Roswell Road, Building 300, Suite 325, Atlanta, GA 30350 (770) 396-3898.


A designated smoking area is established outside and adjacent to Building 52 at the south entrance. This area will be identified to students during the class introduction on the first day. Personnel smoking in this area are requested to use the receptacle provided for disposal of residue.

Food and Drink

Food items are not permitted in classrooms during scheduled instruction. Coffee and soft drinks are permitted in classrooms and seminar rooms. Lunch may be taken into designated classrooms during noontime electives. Care should be taken to protect materials and furnishings from spills. DSCU West makes extensive use of computers in our classrooms. To minimize the possibility of damage to computers, open cups (paper or Styrofoam) are not permitted in classrooms. All cups must be covered. Bottles and cans (with small mouths) are acceptable in the classroom. Food and drink are not permitted in the DSCU West auditorium.

DSCU West has covered mugs, available for purchase for a nominal fee (cost of the mug only) to students. DSCU West also provides students a “coffee mess” membership for $7/week or $.50/cup.

Lunch Options at DSCU West

Options for lunch on base within walking distance of DSCU West are very limited. Your class manager can provide this information. Students with a rental car or POV may normally drive off base for lunch. There are a number of restaurants, including fast food, within a 10-minute drive of DSCU West , primarily along Colonel Glenn Highway. Students are cautioned to be seated in their classroom by the scheduled start time of classes after lunch.

Some students may wish to pack their own lunch. DSCU West provides some refrigerated space and microwave ovens adjacent to the student lounge for student use. Vending machines for drinks and snacks are also available.


The Registrar is responsible for administrative and personnel matters pertaining to your stay here. Please contact them if you have any questions regarding your class or any other matters prior to arrival.

School Supply Items

Expendable supplies are not issued to students but may be purchased at the AFIT Bookstore, which is located in Building 642, Area B. A copy of your TDY orders may be required by non-military personnel to make a purchase. Expendable supplies are also available at the BX and local stores.

DSCU West Library

DSCU West library facilities are located on the third floor (Room 315). The library contains an extensive collection of materials, textbooks, publications and periodicals (foreign and domestic) focusing primarily on foreign affairs, national security, current events, and related topics impacting security cooperation. The library also provides reference, bibliographic, and inter-library loan and other related services for faculty and students.

Classified materials are available in the library for those students who have a “need to know” and a security clearance. Materials may be issued only to those students having a SECRET clearance and a valid U.S. government identification card. Classified material is retained in a designated reading room and may NOT be reproduced without permission of the DSCU West Librarian or the Director of Academic Support.

All unclassified materials must be returned to the DSCU West library not later than noon on the day prior to graduation. DSCU West library materials will not be taken from the Institute by departing students.

Emergency Leave

Students should contact their class manager and/or the Registrar, who will make appropriate arrangements for class termination and assist with departure preparations.

The following information will be required:

  1. Name
  2. Destination (address) and telephone number
  3. Reason for early departure
  4. Supervisor’s name and telephone number

Students should also notify their supervisor or commander as soon as practical. For military personnel, DSCU West DA personnel will assist with necessary emergency leave documentation.

Early Release

Students will not be released early for personal reasons. In cases of emergency leave or other mission related requirements, out-processing and departure will be coordinated by the Registrar.

Telephone Messages

Routine messages received on (937) 713-3330 (or DSN 713-3330) during normal class hours will be placed on the message board in the student lounge. Please check the board periodically for messages.

Emergency calls received during normal working hours should also be directed to the above listed number. We will ask the party to hold and call the student from the classroom.

After-hours messages for those staying in the Wright Patterson Inn (VOQ) should be directed to (937) 257-3451. Provide your room number.

DSCU West Telephone Numbers

Please visit our Contact Page for current telephone numbers.

Certification Center Prelaunch Message

If you receive an "Untrusted Site" or "Untrusted SSL Server Certificate" error when trying to access the Certification Center, please follow the instructions in the link below to update your browsing certificates, and then try again.

Update Browsing Certificates for the Certification Center

Course Login

Registration for DSCU courses is completed using the Cornerstone on Demand (CSOD) Learning Management System (LMS) hosted by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). You will access the LMS using a dialog similar to that shown to the left. Click the "Need help signing in?" link (indicated by the arrow) if you need help.

If you are a student who currently occupies a Security Cooperation Workforce position, you should be immediately redirected to DSCU’s instance of the CSOD learning management system after logging into the DAU hosted site. If you do not see any DSCU courses available after login, you will need to take one of the following actions:

  1. Register for the Introduction to Security Cooperation Course (SC-101).
  2. Change your organization in your CSOD profile. Follow these Directions for Changing your Organinization so you can view your DSCU courses.

Click the button below if you are ready to proceed.

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