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Address & Telephone

  • Defense Security Cooperation University
    2800 Defense Pentagon, Washington, DC 20301-2800
    Commercial Telephone: 571-372-3728 (571-372-DSCU)
    International Toll-Free: 833-438-3728 (833-GET-DSCU)
    Information Requests:
    Crystal Gateway II (CG2)
    1225 South Clark Street
    3rd Floor, Suite 301
    Arlington, VA 22202
    Commercial Telephone: 703-697-9613
  • DSCU West
    2475 K. Street
    Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, OH 45433-7641
    Commercial Telephone: 937-713-3300


DSCU Academic Outreach Requests

DSCU endeavors to support events across the DoD Security Cooperation community. Please click the button below to complete the online form to request the support of a DSCU faculty member. DSCU faculty actively supports requests to teach, facilitate, present, or provide subject matter expertise on SC-related topics or systems either in person, or virtually, DSCU faculty members may support conferences, workshops, panel discussions, and education or training events.

Please use the contact information below if you have questions about the DSCU Outreach program, or would like to verify the receipt of or check the status of a submitted Outreach request.

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