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DSCU Mission

The Defense Security Cooperation University is the Department of Defense’s Center of Excellence for security cooperation education and training. DSCU supports the Defense Security Cooperation Agency’s mission of training, educating, and providing for the long-term development of the security cooperation workforce. DSCU accomplishes its mission by:

  • Delivering a competency-based curriculum to train, educate, and develop the security cooperation workforce in support of the Security Cooperation Workforce Certification Program.
  • Offering educational and training opportunities to non-security cooperation workforce U.S. Government, U.S. industry stakeholders, and foreign government military and civilian personnel.
  • Leveraging a virtual consortium of stakeholder education and training institutions and subject matter experts to serve as a security cooperation enterprise-wide resource for developing and advancing security cooperation.
  • Partnering with the Joint Staff, other Department of Defense and U.S. Government organizations, and civilian academic institutions to advance security cooperation education and training.

DSCU Vision

DSCU delivers the education and training required to develop an agile, certified, and experienced security cooperation workforce ready to meet the current and future global security cooperation mission.

DSCU Seal Symbolism

The shield, swords, and grid-lined globe are derived from the seal of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), Defense Security Cooperation University’s parent agency. These elements represent DSCA’s motto, “SECURITY THROUGH GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS.” The two swords come together to represent strength through cooperation among the Department of Defense’s academic institutions.

These institutions provide a robust learning environment to address the core needs of a professional security cooperation workforce. The lamp of knowledge, with its eternal flame, symbolizes the enduring value of the pursuit of knowledge while the laurel wreath signifies triumph in the achievement of academic excellence.