Introduction to Cross Cultural Competence and Regional Orientation

SC Workforce Certification Level

Required for Basic Level Certification for all SC Workforce Members


The course will provide an overview of cross-cultural competence concepts and a regional orientation, centered on a selected Geographic Combatant Command (CCMD) area of responsibility (AOR). The course will provide an overview of the geographic, historical, and societal characteristics within a specific AOR. The course will also provide a familiarization on regional security issues and CCMD theater priorities. The course consists of three U.S. Air Force online modules: Air Force Culture General Course, Intercultural Communications, and CCMD Regional Overviews, from the U.S Air Force Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS). While the courses are designed for an Air Force audience, the concepts presented are applicable to Security Cooperation Workforce professionals as they interact with international partners.


This course equips the student to recognize cross cultural competence concepts and skills that can help prepare for an intercultural interaction. Students will be able to identify relevant geographic, economic, historical, societal, and political characteristics within a selected Geographic CCMD AOR; identify major regional and transnational security issues, including international organizations, influencing a given region, and associate regional and transnational security issues with a selected Geographic CCMD’s theater priorities.

Target Attendees

All USG personnel working in Security Cooperation.



Substitute Course(s)

  • Security Cooperation Management - OCONUS Course (SCM-O), All Years
  • Security Cooperation Management - Training Officer/Training Manager Course (SCM-TO/TM), All Years
  • Intermediate Regional Studies, All Years

Course Length

3 hours OLT

Additional Course Information

Delivery Mode

Online Training (OLT)

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College Credit Recommended


FM Continuous Education


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Constructive Credit Available


Available Classes & Registration

ClassOnline DatesResident DatesLocationClass StatusEnrollment Status 
E0109/15/2020 - 09/30/2021OnlineIn-ProgressClosed 
E0202/03/2021 - 09/30/2021OnlineIn-ProgressOpenRegister


This course modules are the same as those found in the U.S Air Force Advanced Distributed Learning Service (ADLS).

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