Introduction to DSAMS – Defense Security Assistance Management System

SC Workforce Certification Level


The introductory course is intended to provide the student with hands-on, practical knowledge of the DSAMS (Defense Security Assistance Management System) computer information system. The course lesson material includes an introduction to and overview of the DSAMS Navigation and Functionality, DSAMS Reference Data, DSAMS Online Help, Case LOA Data, Entering a Customer Request, Initializing a Case, Workflow Taskings, Adding Lines, Pricing Lines, Adding Notes, Adding Remarks, Adding Attachments, Document/Case Status/Milestones, Amendments, Modifications, and Reports. The use of a single scenario with the fictitious country of Bandaria will be used to enable the curriculum to follow a strategy to capability paradigm. Upon completion of the course, students using DSAMS should be able to develop and implement a case involving contractual agreements of the US Government to transfer defensive equipment and services.


This course equips the student to log on to their Active DSAMS account to access, become familiar with, and have an overview of basic level knowledge of how to use the DSAMS features, capabilities, and reports that they will be required to use at their organization to perform their organization’s mission.

Target Attendees

USG DoD personnel working in Security Cooperation that are required to use the DSAMS (Defense Security Assistance Management System) computer information system for their assigned job/billet responsibilities.


  • Active DSAMS Production account with appropriate permissions required by student’s organization (DSAMS Training account will be established once Production account is active).
  • Access and familiarization with the applicable (e.g., Case Development Module DSAMS User Guide and Reports Guide which are located on Citrix Secured Portal.)
  • Case-201 Intermediate SC Case Life Cycle Management

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Course Length

3 days ILT

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Instructor Led Training (ILT)

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DoD organizations requesting DSCU provide this course as a Mobile Training Team (MTT) must identify specific DSAMS training requirements if they want DSCU to tailor the course in any way for their requested MTT class.

Recommend downloading and viewing a copy of the DSAMS User Guides and Reports Guided which are located on Citrix Secured Portal prior to the beginning of the class.

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