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Due to their large file size it is highly recommended that you perform the installation while connected to WIFI.

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Edition 41.0, May 2021

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Edition 40.0, May 2020

pdf epub

How to add ebooks to an iPhone

First, please ensure that you have the required reader installed on your iPhone before you begin the download. You need the Amazon Kindle application to read mobi files (You CAN read pdf files on the Kindle, but it is not recommended), and a reader like Apple Books to read epub and pdf files. Both are available on the Apple App Store for free.

Next, select the desired edition and format by clicking the appropriate button above. Your iPhone will display a progress bar at the top of its screen (see below). These are large files, so the progress bar might move very slowly, especially if you are not connected to WIFI.

When the download has completed, a page similar to the following will be displayed.

Click the send button at the bottom of your iPhone's screen (see below).

If you selected the mobi format, click the "Copy to Kindle" button. The "Send to Kindle" button will also be shown, but these files are too large to send to an Amazon account.

If you selected the pdf or epub format, click the "Send to Books" button.

Lastly, open your reader. Your ebook should be shown. If not, please use the reader's sync feature.