Understanding the MAPAD

Understanding the MAPAD

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Target Audience

Target Audience This learning guide is designed for FMS customers, SCO personnel, FMS case managers, program managers, transporters, contract administrators, logistics managers, and other personnel involved in the distribution, and movement of materiel to international partners through the DoD supply system.


The Military Assistance Program Address Directory (MAPAD) is an online directory of the addresses of country representatives, freight forwarders, Security Cooperation offices and customers-within-country required for releasing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Military Assistance Program (MAP) Grant Aid shipments, and addresses required for forwarding of related documentation. The MAPAD is:
  • An electronic data base of addresses that the customer wants Security Cooperation material sent to
  • Published by direction of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics)
  • The responsibility of the DLA Logistics Management Standards Office, and is hosted by the DLA Transaction Services
This learning guide is for reference or professional development only. No certificate is awarded for completion.


The Understanding the MAPAD learning guide takes 30 minutes to complete, depending on the student's prior experience with Understanding the MAPAD and interest in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DoD have any formal training on MAPAD for the FMS system?

MAPAD procedures for FMS are different than those for DoD. DSCU provides MAPAD training that is specific to FMS materiel transfers. Most DoD schools do not provide this training. Practical training on MAPAD is available through two DSCU courses:

SCM-CS (Logistics Support) Course, open to US Government, US defense industry, and international purchaser personnel.

SCM-IL (International Purchaser Logistics) Course, which is open only to international purchasers.

What if I have a question?

You can use the "Ask an Instructor" feature on the DSCU website. If you have a question on a specific FMS supply document, you should contact the relevant FMS case manager.

Where can I obtain copies of the reference material mentioned in the Learning Guide?

DSCU publishes the Military Standard Requisition and Issue Procedures for Foreign Military Sales (Chapter 5) reference guide and the FMS User’s Guide to the Military Assistance Program Address Directory (MAPAD) which can be downloaded from the Publications Tab of the DSCU website. A list of the formal DoD publications which govern and explain MAPAD and related logistics functions is found at Appendix Y.

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